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Harry Potter 100 Icons Challenge
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100 icons challenge from Harry Potter.
Welcome! If you have joined, thanks for joining! If you have not, you should. So 100 icon challenge was inspired by icons100, iconfiend100, and many other ones. Basically, you, as the icon maker, have to make 100 icons according to certain themes on a particular subject. You have a certain time to complete this task.


--->To participate, join the community. No need to friend it. Only members can post. Once you get your claim, you will be given posting access.
--->Check out the claims list to see if your subject has been taken. If it hasn't, comment the post. If it has, try the waiting list.
--->All 100 icons are not due at once. You can post batches, but it must contain at least 10. Otherwise, be patient.
--->They MUST be new icons, none previously made. And they obviously must be made by you and you ONLY. If I find out you are cheating, you are disqualified.
--->50 icons must include themes (see below).
* Please follow the posting format when you're posting your entry.
* Don't worry about tagging your entry I will do it for you when I add your post to the memories.
* Once you are done with your icons, please let us know over at the Hall of Fame.
* If you have any questions, please visit the FAQ.
--->When the time comes with a new movie or book 7 comes out, do NOT spoil anyone. Be kind and warn people!


  1. Join the community.

  2. Check to see if your subject is available.

  3. Make your claim. Or wait to for a claim.

  4. Make your icons based on these themes.

  5. Post your batches (at least 10) or post at once.

  6. Once your are finished, use this to post all of your icons at once, using an LJ cut (can be fake).

  7. Head to the Hall of Fame and comment saying you have finished your 100 icons.


obsessivefangrl for the icon table script.